The first Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce was founded in Rousse in 1890. Chaired by Panayot Popov, an industrialist and mayor of Rousse (1839- 1894), it was an organization with great influence on the economy of the city. The Chamber covered almost the whole of Northern Bulgaria.

The construction of the Chamber building began on April 14, 1914, designed by architect Nikola Lazarov, who is also the author of the War Memorial to the soldiers who died in the war between Bulgaria and Serbia in 1885. The facade of the building is in neo-baroque style, typical for the end of the century. A clock was installed in the dome over the main entrance. The door of the main entrance was beautifully decorated with a metal rosette and the wings of Mercury – the God of Commerce.

The main credit for the furnishing of the building is given to the Chairman of the Chamber from 1920 to 1938, the banker Atanas Burov. The building housed the office and the meeting rooms of Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry until its closure in 1948.

Since 1954 the building has been housing “Lyuben Karavelov”. The memorial plaque at the main entrance is to academician Mihail Arnaudov, a scholar-folklorist and literary critic from Ruse who donated his personal library to “Lyuben Karavelov” Ruse Library.

An “EUROPEAN HERITAGE SIGN” was placed on the building in 2007.